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  • Mask Off Cyanotype Hoodie Price, Pure Void
  • Mask Off Cyanotype Hoodie Price, Pure Void
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Mask Off Cyanotype Hoodie Price, Pure Void

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Mask Off Cyanotype Hoodie, Pure Void


Super soft and cozy fleece hoodie with unique art print

-Old English embroidery down sleeves

-Cyanotype photo print on front and back

-Extra roomy hood

The photo is by Parker Day of Alyssa Espinoza and was handprinted on the hoodie by Parker Day. By treating the hoodies with light sensitive chemicals, she makes a print with giant negatives and exposure to light. 

Variations in the print are to be expected due to the handmade nature of this piece. 

The fit is 1-2 sizes oversized and boxy. Please refer to our size chart below.

BODY WIDTH 23 24 25
BODY LENGTH 29 31 33


This piece of wearable art requires special care in the wash.

For best results:

-Mix 1/4 cup (60 ml) distilled white vinegar with 2 gal (7.5 l) cold water and gently hand wash for 2 minutes

-Do not rinse with water

-Remove excess moisture by hand squeezing or using drain and spin setting in washing machine

-Tumble dry on low heat

**glitter death is an authorized retailer of pure void